Zakat Eligibility

“Undoubtedly, the work that DEEN Support Services is doing to assist individuals with all forms of disability through peer support, advocacy, information sharing and public education, is Zakat eligible. Not only does it fall under more than one of the eight categories mentioned by Allah Almighty in the Qur’an (Chapter 9 V. 60), it is also a vital service for this neglected group of people in society and falls under justice & equity issues which is usually the responsibility of the state. Given the lack of government funding, vulnerability of persons with disabilities, lack of religious and cultural sensitivity, and the fact that most persons with disability receive Government financial assistance, and are deemed low income by this society’s standards, Zakat is a way to help these individuals and organizations that look after them to address their various needs including the religious ones. I would encourage everyone to donate Zakat to DEEN Support Services so they can provide their services at a high level of quality and expertise.”

Portrait shot of Dr. Hamid Slimi

– Dr. Imam Hamid Slimi, Chairman, Canadian Centre For Deen Studies

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