About Us

DEEN Support Services is a registered Canadian charity founded by Muslims with Disabilities.
DEEN operates a number of programs & services in Mississauga, Ottawa and Scarborough and
serves all individuals with disabilities regardless of religion, language and culture.

Our Team

The DEEN Leadership and Staff team are professionals dedicated to disability rights.

Our Board

The DEEN Board of Directors is composed of individuals and families living with disabilities.

Soraya Mohammed


Omar Mansour

Vice Chair

Nazar Ahmed


Suda Banafunzi


Sam Ashroff


Our Advisory Council

The DEEN Advisory Council provides guidance and support in addressing disability issues in the community.

Sheikh Abdalla Idris Ali

Shaykh Imran Ally

Imam Zijad Delic

Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer

Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Imam Tarek Abu Noman Mohammad

Sr. Shahina Siddiqui'

Dr. Hamid Slimi

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