Day Program

This dynamic day program will offer adults with intellectual and developmental
disabilities a life-long learning opportunity. It is designed to meet their individual learning and
personal development goals interspersed with healthy living and cultural activities.
The program is offered daily Monday to Friday with weekend and evening drop-in activities.
with Disabilities. DEEN operates a number of programs & services through the
Muneeba Centre in Mississauga and serves all individuals with disabilities
regardless of religion, language and culture.

Until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DEEN's on site day program is closed. In order to continue to support families during this time however, we are offering a Virtual Day Program Series. See below to complete participant registration for DEEN's Virtual Day Program Series

What is different about the DEEN Day Program?

  • DEEN is culturally and spiritually responsive.
  • DEEN is affordable.
  • DEEN supports working caregivers through its flexible hours.

  • The DEEN Day Program targets functional skills such as:

  • Basic Computer Training
  • Money Management and Purchasing Items
  • Hygienic Food Preparation and Kitchen Safety
  • Gardening Skills and Caring for Living Things
  • Cleaning and Laundering
  • Maintaining Literacy Knowledge

  • Who may attend the Day Program?

    The Program is designed to support youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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